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"Tap Into Your Power"

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 Women all over the world are on the rise, taking action and stepping into their power to make the world a better place. In this book you will discover how international businesswomen, from all corners of the world, took their past, their cultures, their upbringing, their highs and their lows and transformed them into knowledge.
 This has given them the motivation to rise beyond themselves and become entrepreneurs and life changers, each contributing to making the world a better place. The contributors in this book will be sharing their personal stories, practical tips and recommendations, which are sure to inspire and motivate you to rise to new heights in your business.
 In 2019 two of Global Woman’s published books became an Amazon Kindle #1 best seller and two books were top 3 best sellers. Last year our published book Women in the Modern Business World achieved Amazon #1 bestseller twice.  

The New Paradigm For Empowering Women

  Today’s woman is a goddess in her own right, informed and conscious of her limitless potential. There’s a lot of talk about women’s empowerment, but what is it exactly? An empowered woman proudly owns her ability to take charge of and enjoy her time, skills, acquisitions, and earnings. It entails the freedom to manage risk and construct their preferred economic reality.
  This is the vision and objective guiding Global Woman. It is dedicated towards promoting the adoption of a new paradigm, by inviting female professionals from all over the world, regardless of culture, age, or race. This book brings together 21 extraordinary women that, although from different fields, all share one thing in common, the inspiration for empowerment. Be it leadership or freedom, consciousness or spirituality, these concepts all tie into ultimate empowerment for women. 
  All of these 21 women from across the world excel in their respective domains, radiating inspiration through their accomplishments. They share their stories, significant life experiences, and offer nuggets of wisdom from the decisions and mistakes they've surpassed so far. This is not just a book for women. There’s a lesson in it for everyone. Especially for the men who appreciate an insightful understanding of women, this book is a must-have.

The Book

  • This book has 21 remarkable stories to inspire greatness in a segment of the population that for a long time has been underestimated. Today’s woman bears lofty ambitions, potential, and accomplishments,and the sky is only her starting point. The women featured in this book come from different cultural backgrounds, yet they are inspiring excellence with successes in their professional and entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • This book spotlights not just their successes, but also their struggles and how they overcome challenges every day to become an inspiration to others. We must accept the fact that we have no control over what lies ahead. Step out into unknown territory, trust your inner voice, and align with the universal manuscript. You don't have to see the top of the stairs. Just take it one step at a time.
  • The essence of this book revolves around celebrating the woman, her culture, her diversity and her versatility. She is the ultimate agent of innovation, transformation moderator, values, disseminator, and anchor of humanity.
Exciting news to announce! Join our contributors for the book launch webinar from 2.00pm GMT on Tuesday 1st December, to hear them interviewed and first hand of their experience of writing it, what you can expect, and some snippets from the book read out. This will be bringing the book alive and into your home as a visual experience.  
It will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions live to the book contributors.
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It will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions live to the book contributors.

Uniting Professional Women of The World

Meet The Contributors  

Anita Goyal MBE

Chair of The Hemraj Goyal Foundation & Ambassador of
the Alzheimer’s Society

Anita Goyal MBE is the Chair and trustee of The Hemraj Goyal Foundation, and the Hallmark Foundation. She is the Vice President of Barnardo’s, Patron of Binti and an Ambassador of the Alzheimer’s Society. In 2021, Anita was invested with an MBE in Her Majesty’s New Year Honours List for services to Diversity and Female Empowerment. She is an award- winning philanthropist, community champion and author of Voices from Punjab and Voices from Gujarat.
She is the vice president of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry in the UK (WICCI) and chair of the care sector fundraising ball in Championing Social Care. Anita spent twenty years teaching science and was an Assistant Headteacher. Anita completed her MA in Special and Inclusive Education and is now pioneering personal
development workshops in schools across the UK. She is committed about making a difference and believes in doing everything with passion and purpose.

Giovana Vega

Certified Forex Trader & Crypto investor

Giovana Vega is a certified forex trader, an international motivational speaker, and a money mindset strategist. After discovering her passion for currency interactions, Giovana dedicated her life to inspiring women and creating financial awareness.
Giovana is the founder of her business, Trading for Women, which focuses on fostering a money growth mindset and a wealth creating lifestyle. She has authored four books, including Awaken the lioness within, which has skyrocketed and become an Amazon bestseller, as well as her new book, “Trading for success: eight secrets why women are better forex traders”. Giovana was recently broadcasted on National Dutch RTL4 TV channel where she spoke about her passion for women in finance and new book, Trading for success.
At one of the world’s largest trading events in Madrid, Spain one of Giovana’s trading strategies was presented. This strategy focused on the maximum way to receive profitable rewards.
As an international motivational speaker, Giovana spreads her knowledge of financial freedom to women worldwide. From Paris, to Amsterdam, to Hollywood, she has shared the stage with top international speakers such as Kim Kiyosaki and Les Brown.
A disruptive and driven woman, Giovana has a big heart and is motivated to make a difference for women in the competitive world we live in. She is the director of the Global Woman Club Amsterdam, which is a platform that connects women worldwide and has won the Global Woman award for best director of the year. Giovana has been featured in international magazines including “Star People'' and “Global Woman Magazine”. She was selected as one of the ten finalists in TEDxAmsterdam Women because of her role as a prominent female leader.

Liesbeth Zevenbergen

Health Therapist & Breath Coach

Liesbeth Zevenbergen has her own practice Inmatelize for Vitality and Breaching Power. This is a practice based on a holistic vision seeing the body as a total package, focusing on the Body, Mind and Soul.
Liesbeth is proud to have created this program for clients, having the professional knowledge as a certified Aromacoach and Expert Breath Coach, especially for ex-Covid patients. She is also a certified Nes-Health therapist, who helps the body be energetically in balance and healthy and using integrative manual therapy-techniques to release the body energy of blockage.
Liesbeth had to tap into her inner power to survive, when she was severely ill last year. This experience led her to feel a power to thrive and reach for more goals and fulfilment in life. Now knowing by experience, that she prefers health before wealth.
By coaching and treating clients led by her heart, Liesbeth uses her ability to look at people with compassion. By letting the client feel their inner power and purpose in life, enabling them to feel happy and complete again.
Liesbeth is an openhearted person, also working part-time as a VIG-Nurse for a Carecompany helping people at home with care. She is fulfilling her purpose in serving people in the Health Care area. Being a happy energetic woman enjoying life to the fullest, Liesbeth combines this with her family. She is married and has two wonderful teenagers at home.
Liesbeth has written her first ebook as an author, and she is now sharing her story in the coming Global Woman Book Project, hoping that this will be a start for her writing much more in the future.

Stina Helenefors

Mindset Expert & Sustainable Leadership Specialist

Stina Helenefors is a Stress Therapist, Mindset Expert, Podcaster and Business Developer in the educational sector. She has a deep desire to help young adults find their true selves and purpose in life, free from stress. Stina has worked with personal development, stress management and self-leadership for many years. Her passion is to help others, and she does this by using her skills in business development and stress management. She is a dedicated leader in helping others live a purposeful life. 
Stina is ambitious, creative and a solution finder in every endeavor she takes on. She uses her goal-oriented and emphatic approach when she helps young adults with personal analysis, ACT-therapy and goal strategies, and she assists them in strengthening their personalities based on their true selves and who they want to be.
Stina has a passion for the mental and physical health issues in the world and reducing negative stress. She wants to help younger generations to shape their lives in the way that they feel are being true to their passions, interests and gifts. Stina is also working with clients to help them find their own Sustainable Self-leadership, towards becoming their own Master in Sustainable Self-leadership. This is a self-analysis system for achieving a sustainable self-leadership during your life.
In her spare time Stina enjoys running in nature, practicing yin-yoga and meditation. She also loves learning new things by reading and educating herself, spending time with loved ones and traveling to explore new places. Stina says, “It's a great combination to achieve good health.”

Margaret M McLaren

Author and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist 

Margaret M McLaren has been interested in self-help and psychology material for over twenty-five years. Her insights and application of techniques have helped her overcome significant health and other challenges.
In her earlier working life, Margaret was a civil servant, latterly in communications roles supporting Government policy areas in Whitehall, London. She qualified as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist six years ago and made the transition. Most recently she has had roles within NHS England. Margaret also has a BA Honours degree. Another main interest is singing and she trained with three vocal coaches over twelve years.  
A passion of Margaret’s is identifying and using your 'own voice' for empowerment and as such she is a Global Woman Club member. Margaret is involved in writing projects, including the recently published eBook 'Find your voice', and she is also part of a developing musical duo.
Margaret has been happily married to Christopher for 18 years.

Aurora Pintilie

Author and Textile Engineer

Aurora Pintilie is a textile engineer and has worked for many years for companies like Zara, Massimo Dutti, Mango and others in Italy. She developed her skills and abilities in fashion, working and participating in many events of fashion. And all this became her passion. In all her activities Aurora brings a great blend of creativity and knowledge, to solve complex problems. Currently, she is leading a new business, assisting female entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the digital field, with building the image of a brand using Technology strategy, Innovation and Creativity across sectors, such as healthcare, media and the public sector .
Aurora is passionate about the future digital world and how it will shape our society. She also strongly believes that the creativity industry has the responsibility to shape the ethical development and deployment of all digital fields. Aurora is an active promoter of diversity and inclusion, she is working on creating a coaching and inspirational program for women entrepreneurs and managers in the fashion sector, media and healthcare area, also extending the invitation to the female lawyers, and the financial world.This has proven to be very successful learning and insightful exchanges between previous participating candidates. In her spare time Aurora likes to read, meditate, listen to music and travel. Focusing on doing things that she really likes to do, and also to learn new things. Aurora says she will never stop learning.

Inger Nordin

Owner & CEO of IN Life Amplification

Inger Nordin is an Author, Speaker as well as a Life & Business Coach. She is the Founder and Owner of “IN Life Amplification” (Life and Business coaching, training, etc.) and RE-Act, LLC (property investment). She has had +35 years of experience working with big international corporations in management positions, mastering the complete sales and delivery process. Her drive, goal and result oriented focus developed her great leadership. After retiring from the corporate world Inger became bored, she knew she had so much more to offer. She missed being a part of something. It was during this time that she came across a life changing seminar that put her on a new path and purpose. As she began moving in this new direction, she realized she was on the right path when people started to approach her and tell her that she was inspiring and had a duty to step up and be seen. This verified that she had found her new calling.
Her passion is helping people to truly succeed and so her coaching is almost always based on the learnings of Alan C Walter; working with processing - aiding people via an efficient & effective method to recover their life-force so that they are able to gain mastery over all areas of their life.
Inger is a networker, connector and inspirer. She is known for her big heart and for always wanting to share and help others. In her free time you can find her playing golf, jumping in the waves, or enjoying the company of her friends & family.

Zoe Rizokosta

Holistic Wellness & Life Coach & Women’s Mentor

Zoe Rizokosta is coaching and mentoring women who desire to live an empowered, fulfilling and joyful life. She inspires, motivates and supports her international clients to discover their unique gifts, create a life vision they are passionate about and take the steps to bring it to their reality.
Zoe is also consulting heart-centered entrepreneurs to create their distinct brand identity, in alignment with their values and infuse it in their business presence, social media and overall communication.
She is a certified Life & Mind Body Nutrition Coach and has a 10-year corporate background in Strategic Communications and Relationship Marketing, as well as Fundraising for NGOs. A native of Greece, she currently lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 
Zoe has raised her two daughters and experienced the ups and downs of the expat life, creating a new home from scratch in a foreign country twice (Germany was her first “assignment”). She is coaching and mentoring private clients, leads women’s circles and masterminds and organises workshops in various topics, such as Self-Discovery, Vision Creation, Goal Setting and Holistic Wellness for a Balanced Life.
Zoe is also passionate about exploring different cultures around the world, acquiring new knowledge and relaxing under the sun and by the sea in Greece.

Agnes George

International Speaker and Diabetes Specialist

Agnes George has many aspects that compile her life. She is a mother of one son, International Inspirational Speaker, Health Strategist, Empowerment Mentor, Certified NLP & Cognitive Behaviour Transformation Coach and Author. She has over three decades of experience and knowledge in nursing, midwifery and is an expert in special care babies, born to mothers of gestational diabetes.
Agnes is a Grenadian, and was a number one athlete in her country, with a passion to serve, help and educate. She began her transformation and personal growth journey when teaching in the Caribbean, and knew her passion was helping people. She became a qualified teacher, trained at the university of the West Indies, with a love for education of young children. But eventually felt her passion was elsewhere, in the field of Nursing and Midwifery, and preterm babies. Agnes is always willing to help individuals, and to add value, her clear aim is to be a leader that provides benefit and value to those who she encounters.
Agnes leads from a place of service. Authenticity, self belief, genuineness, humility and passion are her values. She thinks that her responsibility as a Diabetes Health Strategist, with her extensive knowledge and experience, is to take her speaking, coaching and mentoring on the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes to a new level. Using her knowledge and experience to educate individuals, as prevention is better than cure!
Agnes’ formula for success includes faith, self belief, value, making a difference, offering a service and giving value to doing something that she is passionate about. Her determination is to be changing lives, providing a service that can actually save lives.
Agnes George has been speaking on the prevention of type 2 diabetes internationally, at Wealth Dragons Lifestyle Business Convention Event, The Inspired Stage, The Fearless Speaking Academy in London, The Health & Business Convention in Wales, Female Speaking Academy, and Grenada Medical School. She has also hosted her own speaking event, with a huge success. Agnes believes we should stand up for our health. She says; ”Money cannot buy you health. Your health is your wealth.''

Ariya Lohavanichbutr

Certified Life Processor and International Coach

Ariya Lohavanichbutr is a sought-after certified life processor, coach and international trainer for individuals, entrepreneurs, and business people from around the world.
She is part of a global team that has helped millions of people around the world unstuck their lives, help them get out of the way of themselves, and help them to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people and achieve the results they want.
After years of being stuck in depression, she turned herself around, in just three weeks, from being depressed and unhappy towards being happy and living a meaningful life, enjoying every minute. It is Ariya’s ultimate mission to be the light for people to find their way to success, prosperity and happiness. She believes that once people have and be their own light, they can then be the light for those around them. It is Ariya’s dream to create a ripple effect that would light this world.

Emilie Espinoza

Business Analyst and Product Owner consultant

Emilie Espinoza is a Business Analyst and Product Owner consultant, graduated in Services Management and Digital Marketing Master Degree in ESCG-Paris. She is an expert on the Agile methodology, helps corporate companies transform digital strategies in France and worldwide.
Emilie is also the Founder of, an Eco-Friendly marketplace and community for women, with a mission to support women transitioning to an Eco-citizenship with an Eco-responsible lifestyle. She coordinates the development of the platform implementing an innovative ECO-commerce business model and online ECO-coaching functionalities. Virtuelles-Up is a platform where women can create virtual or face-to-face eco-responsible events, while connecting with other like-minded women in this community.
Emilie´s mother, Aurora, taught her leadership and empowerment. She is pragmatic, persistent and flexible when it comes to opinions or criticisms, always optimistic, sensitive and humanitarian. Emilie advocates for leadership equality and was elected Student Representative during her time at the University and while studying nutrition at the faculty of medicine, she defended the equality rights for students obtaining free meals for the economically deprived.
Emilie speaks English, Spanish, French and Italian and is passionate about dietetics and homeopathy. Her motto is: “Prevention is better than cure!”, and she is a former student in Nutrition and Neuroscience, having fun with super foods. Today Emilie is a member of Global Woman, helping women achieve financial and personal independence.

Marianne Brusewitz

Author and Certified Coach for Marianne

Marianne Brusewitz is a Certified Coach and she has also studied Psychology and Conflict Resolution at the University in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is a mother of two and started her career as a Pediatric Nurse, working in a hospital in Stockholm with newborn and sick children for about 15 years. Caring for children has remained a sincere interest for Marianne, and in the future her aim is to support highly sensitive children. 
Marianne speaks fluent German and English, and enjoys doing translation work as a hobby. In her spare time she is also a dedicated reader, very fascinated by the work and life of Steve Jobs and the famous Swedish researcher Hans Rosling. Rosling was a physician and professor of international health, and also the co-founder and chairman of the Gapminder Foundation. He held presentations around the world, including several very famous TED Talks, and dedicated his life to educating people.
Marianne´s passion is being in nature and doing different kinds of physical activity on a daily basis. She says her mantra in life is; “Make sure you take care of yourself, because when you do, you can take care of other people as well”. Marianne is thrilled to be part of the Global Woman Book Project 2021 and looks forward to sharing her story with future readers. 

Lucy Larsson

Mentor & Paradise Coach

Lucy Larsson's journey has been far from straight, and she knows that only she can influence and create her future. For Lucy, it is about being daring and brave. Dare to take the leap of faith and trust in yourself! Of course, she was scared - but the art of success is to learn how to use fear to your own advantage. It was a challenging choice for her to leave paradise in Samoa to find her own paradise in Sweden and her journey has been through countries such as New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, France, Kosovo, Morocco, Vietnam, etc. 
Lucy emphasizes in her work the importance of prioritizing yourself, daring to look ahead and leap forward to make that change you have longed for. She shares her experiences from both her professional and private life through the books and the stories she writes, as well as the talks she delivers. It always starts with you! The path into Swedish society was challenging. There is a big difference between Sweden and Samoa, and she made tough decisions on how the integration would succeed. Decisions that involved cultural aspects, gender perspective, identity, and integrity issues.
She is a warm and loving person full of energy to live and embrace life. She is known by her friends and colleagues as inspiring and a person who lights up a room. She is a believer of people’s potential for personal growth and their own capacity to outgrow themselves.
She left Samoa for the first time at the age of 18 to pursue Commerce degree in New Zealand, and then further develop various educations in Human Resource Management (Masters), NLP, coaching and leadership, etc.
With courage and determination, she has today gained more than 16 years of experience in leading roles in HR, Learning & Development in companies and organizations including the UN and Swedish Civil Contingency Agency (MSB) and the Swedish Armed Forces. The work she does was always having others well-being and personal growth in focus.
Lucy, a shy young girl from a small village in Samoa became a driven and brave woman who today left the 9 to 5 job and became an entrepreneur with a mission to help immigrant women work with their passion and create their own paradise.
Lucy is one of the 13 authors of the Swedish book released in September, “The journey of the inner self”. Her chapter is about embracing her fears and becoming even more brave to create her own paradise in Sweden. She believes in the richness of a multicultural society that is enriched by many different cultures and nationalities. Each one of us has a unique story to tell and each story has many more life lessons to build and strengthen our communities and societies. Lucy wants to be a voice for many who made a similar journey to establish and build their lives in Sweden. You do not have to go through a dramatic experience for your story to be credible because you are You and You are incredible as you are.

Agnes Mott

Author and Embodiment Teacher

Agnes Mott has worked the last few years as a Human Resource Advisor at different companies, and also as a Sales Account Manager and Personal Mentor. But she decided to change her career, and is now an Embodiment Teacher and Coach. Agnes´ work is based on the new consciousness, living from regaining contact with your own inner knowing and soul connected embodied wisdom. This is where spirituality meets groundedness and practicality, in alignment with all elements of life, where You become the space for a soulful living. In this space we can experience a paradigm shift and become a part of the solution for change; personally, collectively and globally. 
Agnes´ journey began at a young age, through different life experiences, situations, and challenges in her private life and also in the work area. Life forced her to become more resilient, to change and to transform as part of this process. But most of all, it challenged Agnes to keep growing and to rise to her feet again, whatever it took. 
Through her many transformational journeys, Agnes has experienced spirituality in an extraordinary way and she has been able to transform this into wisdom. One of Agnes´ most important teachings is about cleaning the subconscious. This was one of the tools that helped her move “from trauma to dharma”. Agnes still recommends this to everyone to have as a routine as well. 
She says, “When emptying the subconscious, we will allow the universal energy to enter and can calibrate it. We are able to deepen this embodiment with all our senses, and experience more and more being fully in service to the Universe. You see, emotional freedom is true freedom.”
Agnes has created her practise based on a combination of emotional intelligence, somatic experience, trauma release, soul and embodiment awareness and grounded spirituality. Her vision for the future is that grounded spirituality more and more will become a norm.  
“The universal law can only do for us, what it can do through us.”

Dr . Manel Chikh

Healthcare Expert and Serial Entrepreneur

Serial entrepreneur Dr Manel Chikh has dedicated the last 20+ years to improving the lives of oncology and chronic disease patients worldwide, revolutionizing the healthcare industry in a myriad of ways and in many multinational pharmaceutical companies. A three-time entrepreneur, teacher, speaker, board member and consultant within healthcare, Manel is a leading international figurehead in the industry. Kick-starting her entrepreneurial life with Zaphyr Pharmaceuticals back in 2013 – a company making highly-specialized, high-quality medicine available to patients with cancer and rare and chronic diseases in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. Manel went on to teach, become an executive member of several boards eg. My Simple Pharma, dedicated to protect families at home from medication misuse. She founded a healthcare consultancy company Curogen to support foreign companies in elaborating their commercial, market access, regulatory strategy and operational plan for the MEA region and finally, My Bubble health, a medical technology company focusing on newborn, children and young adults. The company's mission is to use state of the art artificial intelligence, engineering and deep technology to develop a unique set of tools to monitor health, prevent serious illnesses, ensure an effective tailored follow-up and reinforce the link with parents and family.
Manel constantly shares her know-how and experiences in healthcare, entrepreneurship and self-development in many platforms and international conferences, such as CPHI, The Economist, Global Woman Club, as well as in universities. She contributed to the launch and the success of the Master Pharmaceutical Marketing from the University Paris-Saclay, ranked 2nd best Marketing Master in France in 2021. Manel is also an ambassador of the Womanity Foundation, whose mission is to accelerate gender equality through innovative investments. Lately, she co-founded with the French deputy Mrs Amelia Lakrafi, a foundation named La FIBRE (Bienfaisance et entraide), which mission is to support the French associations worldwide involved in local charity and mutual aid and by that to help all the communities around the world and strengthen the link between France and the countries they live in.

Denada Bare Rauch

Banker & Investor

Denada Bare is living in Vienna/Austria and she is an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, involved in the banking, investment and financial world.
She is director and shareholder of the financial institution/ HR Bank- London/UK, owner of „Luna Enterprise“ and currently investing and participating in the e-commerce & tech sector.
Denada left Albania many years ago, where she was well known, had a good name and reputation as an artist and as a journalist and she started everything from scratch in the western world, with the dream to explore the world and the opportunities, beyond the limited possibilities and borders of her small country.

Michelle Anene

CEO and Founder of Chelleluxe Group Ltd

Michelle Anene is the CEO and Founder of Chelleluxe Group Ltd, including the Founder of Chelleluxe Clean, Chelleluxe Estates and Chelleluxe Concierge.
She is a highly sought-after Business Support Expert who specializes in helping elite female business leaders increase their visibility to scale online. Michelle does this through her High Ticket Coaching Program and through offering to get business tasks taken off the plates of business leaders through her Virtual Assistant Agency and providing Social Selling Support.
Michelle mentors her community of business leaders, teaching them exactly how to build a profit-making business that thrives through any economy. She says, “Want tips on business growth, increasing visibility, sales and marketing or living your dream life? Connect with me!”
In 8 years, Michelle rose from being an entry level Project Management Officer to a Senior Project Manager, while managing a team and helping both companies and clients deliver successful multi million pound projects.
She has built a Mentoring & Business Support Company serving hundreds of clients around the globe. If you're looking for a STRATEGIC ROAD MAP to get you from where you are to where you want to be, then Michelle´s chapter in the Global Woman book will help you open the first door.

Kim Lee

Coach & Founder of Kimeleon - Interior Design Rebel

Kim Lee is the Regional Global Woman Club Director in Johannesburg, she was born in South Africa and lived there until the age of mid 40's. Then changes in her life brought her to make the decision to leave South Africa and live in England. Kim has a passion for travel and wants to explore the world more which is not as easy to do from Africa. 
She is also a keen interior decorator who believes in sustainable interiors, so she loves painting and upcycling furniture. Being largely self employed in South Africa, when she got to England she worked for a company and then decided to study. 
Kim qualified as a Life Coach in order to fulfil her need to help women believe in their abilities, have confidence and love themselves. By sharing her story and journey to finding self love later in life, she hopes to encourage others to see how important it is. 
Kim says she is a huge believer in the power of the law of attraction and learning this tool has been powerful in helping her find more happiness in her life.

Kicki Pallin

Author and CEO of Pallin Communication

Kicki Pallin is the CEO of Pallin Communication, the Global Woman Club Director in Stockholm and a Projector Director in Global Woman.
Her background is as a journalist, author, educator and speaker, and she has a Masters degree in Media and Communication. Her experience comes from working in several different fields, all connected to service and communication. For more than a decade Kicki worked as a radio host, reporter and producer at the Swedish National Radio. She has also held management positions in both the airline industry and the hotel business. 
In her work for Global Woman, she is happy to assist in supporting the vision and mission of Mirela Sula. To contribute to the empowerment of women all over the world, and also being one small link in connecting women globally. One of Kicki´s passions has in fact always been to connect people. She loves to see people grow together and empower one another, that is truly what makes her heart sing.
In Kicki´s sparetime she loves to be in nature and close to the ocean. She thrives being outside, together with her two sons, family and close friends. Genuine and soulful conversations are an important part of her life. Kicki is grateful to be participating in life in a purposeful way, and her heart beats extra for children and creating a better world for the generations to come.

Elma Reka

Registered Nutritionist and Founder of Start in the Gut

Elma Reka is a registered Nutritionist and provider of Functional Medicine. She is the founder of Start in the Gut, and highly successful practitioner of Nutritional Therapy based in London. Elma is also a passionate advocate of women’s physical, emotional and mental health and a sought-after public speaker in these subjects.
Elma holds a double Nutrition Certification, a level 6 Diploma in Nutrition and Health and a BSc in Nutritional Therapy with Clinical Practice. She is trained in the Functional Medicine model and holds additional qualifications in Nutrigenomics – the science of the relationship between genetics,nutrition and health.
Elma is a firm believer in bio-individuality and through her online clinic at, she provides health solutions incorporating personalized nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations based on genetics, microbiome, metabolism and lifestyle. She is an expert at combining hardcore science with the wisdom of nature and life.
But Elma was not always in the ”health world''. For more than a decade she worked in the corporate where she climbed the ladders very fast. She truly enjoyed the fast-paced environment, the opportunities that came with all the international exposure from working and living on three different continents. 
However, Elma`s true calling is caring for mothers and indirectly making an impact in the next generation’s health by committing to providing practical, affordable, and timeless transferable wisdom that will benefit the next generations for decades to come. Last, but not least, Elma is a proud mother of two daughters and partner to her beloved husband.

Enas Daeki

Founder of Arabela Beauty Agency

Enas Daeki, is the founder of Arabela Beauty Agency. It is a UK-based agency that facilitates and establishes beauty brands, specifically Arab or female-founded beauty brands, and establishes the brands as successful leaders in the beauty sector in the UK and Europe. 
Enas has always had a passion for beauty, a love for Arab culture and heritage, and years of experience in luxury London beauty stores, as a top sales consultant and trainer. She was born in Libya, into a culture where women, though educated, often leave behind that education and potential, in order to become mothers and homemakers. A tradition that Enas wholeheartedly respected and understood, yet, her ambition, as a little girl growing up in this culture, was to be all that she could be in her life. 
Growing up Enas was always drawn to the magic and beauty that was the Arab Libyan culture. A love of beauty matched only by her love of animals. Ena dreamed of being the best dressed, most beautiful Veterinarian she could be. The dream of being the best-dressed vet soon disappeared as her mother disapproved, and pushed for a degree in medicine instead. Enas settled on studying dentistry as a compromise with her mother. The best-dressed Dentist wasn’t too bad.
As she matured, the love of beauty, in a culture where women’s value was oftentimes solely placed on the external, was to have adverse consequences. Her father suffered a life-changing accident that robbed young Enas of her hero... This incident along with her lifelong struggles of feeling like the ‘ugly duckling’, as a tanned skinned, curly-headed, chubby youngster, in a culture that valued tall, slim, white-skinned blonde women, led Enas into a battle with bulimia. Her father's death from a second stroke nearly pushed her over the edge, but she dug deep. The source of her pain became the source of her strength. A fundamental understanding that true beauty is born within, and with that an unshakeable power to weather any storm. She embarked on a journey of self-discovery and growth. 
Today Enas is a formidable coach and mentor, currently training to lead international programs, whilst also running Arabela Beauty Agency. Her determination and dedication to others embracing their internal and external beauty are fierce. She will soon publish her first book, designed to inspire and empower people, especially women, that they can do and achieve anything they put their mind to. Not in spite of the pain and challenges of life, but because of those challenges. Enas has learned, there is POWER in pain and she is an advocate for women living life to the fullest and being all they were born to be, in ANY circumstance.

The Founder Of Global Woman Club

Mirela Sula

Mirela Sula, CEO & Founder of Global Woman

Mirela Sula, originally from Albania, has been based in London UK since September 2012. She has worked in media and education for more than 20 years and has speaking experience from all around the world. Her background takes in psychology and counselling, journalism, teaching, coaching, women’s rights and media training. 
Mirela is CEO and the founder of Global Woman Magazine and Global Woman Club. She is also the organiser of the Global Woman Summit and Global Woman Awards. Mirela has appeared on London Live TV, BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hours, Sky TV and many other television shows. She has also been featured in the “Evening Standard” and “The Guardian”.
In 2014 Mirela created Migrant Woman Talks, a platform for women to share their stories and experience of life in a new country. This platform grew rapidly, and by the end of 2018 Mirela had created 24 Global Woman Clubs for women in 16 countries and has helped hundreds of women to unlock their potential, set up their goals and achieve their dreams.
Mirela has received many awards for her work, including the ‘Inspirational Award for Women 2015’ for Human Rights, the ‘Best Up-And-Coming Inspirational Influencer’ Award from The Best You in 2017 and the Universum Donna Award 2017 from the Universum Academy of Switzerland. She received The Best Book of the Year Award from The Author’s Awards in 2016 for her book, ‘Don’t Let Your Mind Go’ and her book, ‘50 Inspiring Stories of Migrant Women – From Struggle to Success’, was launched at the Houses of Parliament in December 2017. The same month Mirela won the “Entrepreneur of The Year Award” from the Wealth Dragons, and she ended this successful year being on the list of the OOOM 100: THE WORLD’S MOST INSPIRING PEOPLE. In April 2018 Mirela travelled to Los Angeles to receive “The Orbits” Award at the “Diplomats Diversity”.
Mirela is passionate about empowering women worldwide and always stands up for inclusion, diversity, gender balance and supporting the next generation. Her mission is to create a global movement to improve the future for women, by financially empowering every woman. Mirela uses her years of experience in teaching and leadership to inspire and motivate women around the world, working with them to deliver career and life changing results beyond expectation. Her aim is to reach one million women entrepreneurs by the end of 2020 for her Global Woman Club.

The Organisers

Giovana Vega


Giovana is a King Juan Carlos University-certified Forex Trader, international motivational speaker, and money mindset strategist who grew up in Peru. Arriving in Holland in 1997, she learnt Dutch, studied bookkeeping and took on a Finance job that helped her discover a passion for currency interactions.
In 2014, Giovana launched her personal journey into the world of trading and investing and has never regretted that decision. Founder also of “Trading for Women,” her business revolves around money-mindset, wealth-creation and lifestyle.
Giovana is committed to helping women take charge of their financial future. One of such ways is by creating financial awareness, something she does with her book “Trading for Success, 8 Secrets Why Women are Better Forex Traders.”
As an authority in the field of trading, Giovana helps successful female business owners understand the dynamics of wealth creation even without a financial background. With a unique model called the “Wealth Accelerator,” she teaches clients how to leverage their unique strengths to succeed in the world of financial trading.
Giovana is also author. In total, she has authored 4 books in the area of trading, leadership and empowerment. The “Phenomenal Global Woman Project,” a book Giovana co-authored, has been adapted as a film documentary and she has featured in international magazines such as “Star People” and “Global Woman Magazine.”
Giovana is the Regional Director of Global Woman Club Amsterdam, a platform that connects professional woman around the world. Giovana is also the 2019 winner of the Global Woman Award as the Director of the Year.
Giovana has twice been a guest on Dutch National TV channel RTL4. For being an inspiration to women, she has been selected as 1 out of 10 finalists for TEDxAmsterdamWoman

Kicki Pallin


Kicki’s background is as a journalist, author, educator and speaker, and she holds a Masters degree in Media and Communication. Her experiences are from working in several different fields, all connected to service and communication. For more than a decade Kicki worked as a radio host, reporter and producer at the Swedish National Radio.
She has also held management positions in both the airline industry and the hotel business. 
In her work for Global Woman, she is happy to assist in any possible way to support the vision and mission of Mirela Sula. To contribute to the empowerment of women all over the world, and also being one small link in connecting women globally. Kicki is grateful to be participating in a purposeful way.
Publisher: Global Woman Publishing
Project Coordinators: Giovana Vega and Kicki Pallin
Art Design and Layout: Nevila Samarxhi


 As a participant, you will be a part of this transformational experience, where you will be featured not only in the book, but the project will also be featured in the Global Woman Magazine and on social media.

 The good news is that we are now launching the new project for 2022, but this year we are focused on one book only, which will include 22 contributors who want to write a chapter.

This book will be a collection of stories from inspiring and enlightened women from all corners of the world. As a participant, you will be a part of this life transformational experience.


It’s time to bring in a new era and a new paradigm, which brings women to a higher level of consciousness. The pen is in your hand, and you choose your destiny. The world needs to see you, to hear you and we are here to support you in this journey.


  • You will maximize your impact so to inspire more people.
  • ​You will get more clients & grow your business.
  • ​You will book more speaking opportunities.
  • ​You will become the author of your story.
  • ​You will present yourself as the authority in your field.
  • ​You will leave a legacy for the young generation.



 You will be an international Co-Author.
 Being part of this book gives you the opportunity to share your story in your own dedicated chapter.
 Sharing your story will help increase your speaking opportunities and get you invited to more stages.
 Perspective clients will want to hear your story as people do business with people they know, like and trust.
 You will be part of an amazing group of women who just like you have the courage to share their journey and their inspiration.

This opportunity is limited to 22 authors for our project in 2022


This opportunity is limited to 22 authors for our project in 2022

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