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Rufus Harrington 

Psychologist, Director of Cognitive Behavioural studies at the University of Cumbria

 Our minds are our greatest resource but can also become our greatest enemy.
 The world faces a pandemic of mental illness. People all over the world struggling with anxiety and low mood, little motivation or hope.
 We live in a world or torn and broken relationships But we also live in a world of amazing people, who step up to the mark, who help to heal, who protect, who build community and hope 
  Wiser Mind training was developed by Rufus Harrington from decades of research and clinical practice. 
 Wiser Mind evolved from the evidence based practice of cognitive behavioural therapy and modern neuroscientific discoveries. It also integrates teachings from Eastern (Buddhist) and Western (Hermetic) traditions of meditation.
 In this Mastermind you will walk away with a set of practical skills that can make your mind a force with which to build a meaningful life.

About Rufus Harrington

Rufus Harrington has developed a psychological process that has helped women and men From all walks of life live happier more successful lives. The process is called Wiser Mind and teaches how to better understand, integrate and manage the wonderful complexity of human mind and emotion. The Wiser Mind Resilience training programme taught by Rufus Harrington to front line Police Officers in the UK has recently achieved national level recognition.
Rufus is a Director of Cognitive Behavioural studies at the University of Cumbria. He has over 20.000 hours of clinical experience. He has trained over 200 Psychotherapists to work in the UK National Health Service. He has taught over 50 executive coaches including officers in the British Army training them at the world famous Sandhurst Military Academy. 
Rufus trained with Dr Victor Meyer and Dr Edward Chesser at the renowned University College London Medical School. Rufus went on to work for the Uk National Health Service, to become a Clinical Director for the Unstead Priory Hospital, To lecture in cognitive behavioural therapy for various British Universities, to build a very successful private practice as a psychotherapist and expert coach.
Rufus loves both the science and the art of psychotherapy. He has often been quoted to say that ‘psychotherapy is a game of two halves. In the first we tame symptoms of anxiety and depressed mood; In the second we help people to get a life’. To move on in life we have to be able to better manage our normal emotions and fears. We need to be able to harness the wonderful human gifts given us by millions of years of evolution.
Rufus is fascinated and researches the essential skills required to build psychological health and resilience. He has focused this research to develop the Wiser Mind process and after a life time of study and practice is now beginning to share his work with the world.
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